Pulmonary Medicine

As board certified pulmonologists, the physicians of Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists diagnose and treat the full spectrum of pulmonary diseases including: asthma, COPD, sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, and others. Whether in the office or hospital setting, our physicians offer expert care and management of pulmonary diseases.

Pulmonary ManagementEndotracheal Intubation
Critical Care ManagementPleurX Catheter Placement
Tracheostomy PlacementThoracentesis
Pulmonary Function TestingFiber-optic Bronchoscopy
Six Minute Walk TestTransbronchial Biopsy
Nocturnal Pulse OximetryCentral Line Placement
Exhaled Nitric OxideArterial Line Placement
PT/INR ( coumadin testing)Transthoracic Needle Biopsy
Allergy Skin Prick TestEndobronchial Ultrasound
Chest Tube Insertion