Flat Fee Package for Self-Pay Patient

Flat Fee Package For Self-Pay Patients With Suspected Sleep Disorder

Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists, PC understands there are those who are not covered by insurance.  We are sensitive to the needs of a self-pay patient to obtain high quality care at a cost effective price.  We have created a flat fee package for self-pay patients with a suspected sleep disorder.  This package includes:

  • Initial consultation with one of our sleep specialists
  • Sleep study (and titration if required)
  • Follow-up visits to discuss study results, any treatment recommendations and progress of
  • Equipment and supplies as determined by the sleep study results

The total cost of this package can be paid in full at the beginning or set up on a “pay as you go” plan with first payment due at time of initial consultation. For patients in a hardship status we may be able to help further lower costs with different testing options and treatment devices (this should be discussed with the doctor at the initial visit).

The sleep specialist will continue to manage your care at pre-arranged intervals and your supplies will be replaced on a consistent schedule. Frequency of these follow-up visits and supply replacements may vary according to individual needs; the physician can discuss this in more detail at your visit.

Our financial counselor is available to discuss the details with you by calling 404.499.0533 option 5. All self-pay arrangements must be made in conjunction with the financial counselor in advance.